10 Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands 2020 {Latest}


Hi girls, are you looking for bridal mehndi designs for hands 2020? Then you are in the right spot. Because here we present bridal mehndi designs for full hands front and back. Feel free to share bridal mehndi design 2020 latest images.


Mehndi in modern day world is a all over the world feeling! Mehndi artwork has really evolved right into a global fashion trend with celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood and many more sectors sporting them upon red carpets and rugs and at fashion dos.

Nicely, we’ve carried out that job for a person and created this variety of bridal mehndi designs. Listed below are the latest mehndi designs 2020 for those looking for innovative styles, patterns and designs in this beautiful art:

1. The Peacock Mehndi Designs

Peacock isn’t just the nationwide bird; additionally it is mehndi art’s a symbol mascot and the most widely used brand ambassador associated with types. Here it is actually depicted like no time before – a symbol of really like, grace as well as agility. An attractive bird presented in a distinctive and modern design to attract the 21st century mehndi enthusiast.

The-Inimitable-Peacock-Mehndi-Design2. Palm Peacock Mehndi Designs

An additional version of the expert peacock, but this time within the palm. This style is spectacular and intricate with very less vacant space in between the henna lines, providing the whole style an artistic rangoli such as appeal. This particular use of negative area and thoroughly clean space is one of the modern trends in mehendi and makes for just one of the best and latest mehndi designs of 2020.

Peacock-Mehndi-On-The-Palm3. National Bird Re-imagined Mehndi Pattern

These days many girls go for designs which in line with their own roots but with a contemporary twist – and if present day India is really a far cry from anything at all ever seen prior to, so is this mehndi design which depicts the peacock within styles which are the newest and trendiest in most of mehndi.

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4. Modern Dandiya Mehndi Design

Having arms, feet and legs fully included with the mehndi design, it is really an elaborate and much more intricate time of the dulha dulhan design. It is really an exquisite design of the bride and also the groom actively playing dandiya and is like a bridal scene which has been taken in mehndi.


5. 2020 Patterns Dulha Dulhan Mehndi Design

It practically means groom and bride thus the dulha-dulhan mehndi design that is a bridal specialized across North India is an creative portrait from the bride and groom via mehndi art. This design is exclusive to weddings here is portrayed in a most fashionable and classy style like latest mehendi patterns and swings, so while there are numerous iterations of this fantastic style, this really is one of the latest, and many beautiful mehndi designs for 2020.


6. Stylish & Artistic Simple Floral Mehndi

The floral design is one which has improved much and every fresh technology brings a contemporary and classy twist to this representation. This is a easy and simple floral mehndi design which is clean and light-weight – taking on the current tendency of minimal design. It really is easy on the eyes and would venture well with any type of dressing or design you decide to team it with.


7. Full Hand Mehndi Designs 2020

Latest styles in mehndi often provide with them re-imagination as well as modern assumes many things – this one being influenced by Jagganath Ratha Chakra as well as wheel from the Sun God (Lord Surya). This particular stylish and up to date design is an extremely popular option among young and stylish Indian women. The style is complex and has comprehensive accents that increase its charm, giving your mehndi a distinctive and expert design.

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8. The Set of New Flowers

A different simple and latest floral design with reflection image of the flower to both the the palms and the exterior sides of the hands. It provides a simple, fresh and chic search for those searching for a modern as well as minimal mehndi design. If simple and easy floral is your range of style, you can not fail with this one.

9. Current day Handle The Sun And The Moon

It is a beautiful and circular design pattern using the sun and the moon shown to both the the hands. The sun means masculinity (the groom) and also the moon for elegant form (depicting the beautiful bride). If you are interested in a not-so-regular bridal mehndi design, and another of the most effective new mehndi designs 2020, then that one is tailor-made only for you.


10. Latest Symmetric Mango Leaf Mehndi Designs 2020

An attractive mango leaf design that is easy, fresh and extremely stylish. It has a gorgeous flowing pattern which has no specific style accents in order to distract the entire look on the big day. So if you are searching for mehndi art that isn’t really distressing, yet can there be through, then here is the design for you.



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