How to Wear Saree in Different Modern Styles Step by Step


Hi beauties, if you are looking how to wear saree in different modern styles – saree draping step by step then you reached right place. Because here we provide different saree styles to wear at different party or wedding functions that will assist you. We hope you like & share how to wear saree perfectly to look slim.

how-to-wear-saree-in-different-modern-stylesLooking to collection the perfect saree to wear at different party or even wedding events, isn’t a lot categorized for women, they in no way find it simpler to pick the right saree to adorn for events like, weddings, celebrations or the delicately, etc.

Draping a saree for women in India is known but the different attractive styles to ornament a simple saree bringing a interesting look is something all women will see fascinating.

There are many approaches to drape a saree in styles and principles of a particular theme dressing, Saree draping can be extremely exciting.

The simple draping up of a saree is also super easy, under is a comprehensive explanation of simple style saree draping prior to we start different distinctive styles of event based draping a saree.


The simple specifications to drape a saree:

Saree: A lengthy 6 yard drape one piece material to wrap round the body. If you want a sarees then visit G3fashion.
Blouse: The primary need of saree, top wear that is almost such as a crop top however in well fitted. Require Ready made blouse then check out our Ready made blouse Collection.
Petticoat: Used as base wear in a long inner skirt helping to carry the actual drape firmly. You may also Buy petticoat with buying any saree.


Ideas to look at before draping Saree.

  • Often wear your petticoat firmly at the waistline, so that the saree is actually tucked in correctly without falling out.
  • Usually put on Heals, or any footwear you wish to wear across the saree, before you start draping up, as this provides the perfect length draped round the body.
  • Utilize safety pins or clips to pin up pleats as well as sections in which the drape is required to be in-party

Simple Saree Drape steps



  1. Make saree end through the top edge, tuck it in the petticoat beginning with the right part of your waist throughout your left waist.
  2. Through the left hand use the drape around your waistline from the back to the particular centre front tucking it in.
  3. Now you will have to make 6-8 of 5-6 inches pleats from the remaining drape in the centre and also tuck it in the petticoat, dealing with pleats to the left.
  4. Use the open drape across your back for your front from the right side, without having tucking it. You are able to pin up the pleats at the center for it to be in centre place and tuck the adorn side till your left-hand side waist.
  5. Now endure the width (pallu) part and create pleats in total width in 5-6 inches, ensuring the border falls on the first pleat to adorn it on shoulder.
  6. Contain the pleats in vertical as well as bring the drape fall through beneath the right armhole, tugging it up towards as well as across your own left shoulder.
  7. Placed the pleats properly on the left shoulder by keeping a minimum of a metre length fall down through the shoulder point, and pin it in place to mend it.

You need to to display around in the saree attire searching gorgeous. Moving on in order to saree drapes with regard to special occasions, which almost all utilize the beginning steps of the simple drape.

Modern Saree Draping Ideas to wear for functions

How to wear a saree as an Indo-Western Dress

There are many modern types of saree draping, that provides the Indo-western version appear from Dhoti saree draping to indo-western saree draping and perhaps a new appear with a saree like how you can wrap a saree dress.

How to Wear a Classic and Wedding Saree

Using one of these drapes for the special occasion of weddings and associated ceremonies for weddings. Different traditions and ethnicities in India have different ways of draping saree in their specific style and techniques as well such traditional wedding sarees. Here are a few most utilized drape styles with their approach.

How to wear a Bengali Saree

Bengali sarees are very well famous for the actual royal religious appear, depicting the regal ethnic appear of their Bengali culture.

Sarees within white and red border is the origin within the culture of Bengali puja rituals. Heavy sarees along with silk woven motifs as well as border appear are highlighted with this drape.

There are absolutely no lower drape pleats in this saree.


  1. The simple step of draping from getting saree wrapped around from directly to left to centre before taking pleats, tuck it in the petticoat.
  2. Then seize the open side tuck it in the waist until left waist, after that tilt it and take it to front right waistline by tucking it.
  3. Repeat the actual phase of slanting it again, bringing this across left waist through front tuck at waist and again tilt and also bring back to be able to right side waist from front and tuck.
  4. Today pick up the width part and make pleats of the whole thickness in 5-6inches wherever border comes on front and first pleat. Pin it it is in place form falling out.
  5. Keeping pleats vertical throw the pleated drape on your left shoulder front to back in most possible size hanging at back.
  6. Now contain the first pleat edge, distributing it across the back to the right side, taking the corner in front below your right armhole to the best of your right shoulder dropping it back within the right shoulder. A tassel or suspending is placed on the corner as well as left in position.

How to wear Gujarati Saree

In Gujarat in essence wedding events, women decorate in the traditional look in wearing their own basis draping style of saree.

Also called the siddha palla saree adorn as the saree pallu is available in the front to focus on the look by increasing it covering the entire front bodice.

For further Gujarati saree draping take a look Gujarati saree draping style article.


Gujarati saree Draping Guide

  1. The simple style steps of draping from starting to the till the pleats taken as well as tucked in to the center petticoat facing the left.
  2. After that take the width portion of the end drape and create pleats of the entire width in 5-6 inches, acquire them firmly with the best border since the first pleat.
  3. Hold the pleats within vertical and take them around the back waist from left side towards the top right back shoulder.
  4. Placing the pleats through right shoulder back to drop front in a way that the pleats open to the actual left hand side, on the right front bodice within a length just one metre.
  5. Tuck the pleats on the shoulder point with a pin to make it better, pick up the first border side as well as pull it across your left-hand side taking this under the left armhole and tuck this to your left back waist.

How you can wear Maharastrian Saree Style

Maharashtra is famous for its social activities as well as saree draping approaches at festivals, and the fishermen dressing for women previously was a saree in 9 yards adorn, which was covered in a specific design for women to be more positively comfy in their everyday life.

Today the draping style is not really utilized much however at wedding events and cultural dressing must be styled up in this saree drape. Keep to the method to drape a saree within this kind.


  1. Very first step of simple draping a saree until the part of lower drape pleats.
  2. Tuck the pleats in the waist maintaining them a little towards the left hand through center and dealing with the left hand side.
  3. After that pick up the actual open edge of the sari as well as making pallu pleats of the entire width within 5-6 Inches.
  4. Throw the pleated drape through turning in through the left back to the right developing front, underneath the right armhole to the left front shoulder.
  5. After that make lower drape center middle pleat of the lower advantage. Pushing it via between two legs and pulling it up through the back mid, in a neat form.
  6. To have border edge in front look at, tuck it in the waist middle back of the petticoat. It designs more free activity, a dhoti look.


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